International Trade Consulting In today’s marketplace, companies considering sourcing or selling their products overseas must evaluate many more options than in the past and process greater amounts of information in order to make decisions. And cultural barriers and complex compliance initiatives make global trade even more of a challenge.

Our international trade consulting* services extend beyond mitigating risk to develop a comprehensive understanding of the compliance initiatives impacting your business.

UI4T provides clients with customized assessments regarding complex compliance and administrative issues facing global companies. The result is often a competitive trade advantage for our customers due to the ability to quickly adapt to new requirements imposed by governmental authorities.

Our experience and customs-specific knowledge can help you mitigate risk by developing a solid understanding of the international trade issues that may impact your business. Well analyze your company’s current trade practices and identify opportunities and risks in three primary areas:

  • Compliance Consulting We work closely with government agencies to keep up-to-date on any changes or amendments to trade regulations, so we can keep our clients in the know.
  • Tariff Consulting We help you design your business processes so that your company can adapt to changing regulations and tariffs with ease. In a rapidly evolving international trade landscape, we can position your business for success.
  • Trade Consulting Whether you’re trading across borders in North America, Europe, or the Asia-Pacific countries, we can help you understand bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and the processes involved so you can plan your operations accordingly.

In addition, you can select a variety of course that can help provide the foundation from which to build a successful trade program.

Our decades of doing business globally helps you to plan and prepare for your export journey.